Executive Search Business Partner/Recruitment Consultant

Job description

Position: Executive Search Business Partner/Recruitment Consultant

The team at Eva Connections are looking for a new team member to join our exciting and growing business. We are Dutch based Startup with big dreams, big ambitions and some very high profile clients. Last year was all about planning and building, and this year is all about executing and growing. Working as an integral part of our B2B (Eva Works) team you will have the opportunity and freedom to build your own market sector with the infrastructure and support of other experienced and passionate recruitment professionals.

We work closely with our clients to create a better future for women everywhere by helping them think about diversity and inclusion in a different light. Diversity in the workforce brings various benefits, including higher employee retention and engagement, greater performance, innovation and increased productivity. Via Eva Works our clients have access to a variety of tailored executive recruitment services and gender balanced shortlists. We also include professional personality assessments and advertisement opportunities to help them increase the headcount of women leaders within their organisations.

Have you gained any of these skills during your career as a Recruiter?

  • Thinking outside the box sets you apart from your colleagues when given a recruitment mandate from a client.
  • Setting goals - personal and professional - comes naturally to you.
  • You like the idea of creating something new and building a personal project.
  • Your team members value your input, your feedback and support and see you as someone whom they could learn from.
  • You don’t like wasting time on office politics but you like adding value in team meetings.
  • You are a high level relationship builder, understand commercial business and really enjoy meeting new people and helping them think about themselves and skills in a different light.
  • Exceptional listening and communication skills

Job requirements

What you can expect from working at Eva Connections:

  • We do not subscribe to the traditional 08:30 - 17:30 culture. Instead we believe the people work at their best when given the freedom and flexibility they need to perform at their peak.
  • Personal Development is our Mantra. We learn and develop our skills every chance we get, through attending workshops, online courses and other networking events to name a few.
  • We want to see all our team members achieve great things. You will receive a tailored training program including high level Executive Search training, market mapping and on-going support
  • We don’t waste time or paper. Technology is changing the way the world works, including how companies recruit. Our Founders have a deep passion for challenging the status quo around recruitment, innovative tech-tools and how companies attract and retain talent. We invest in effective, easy to use tools to ensure our team’s time is best spent on output vs mundane and repetitive tasks.
  • We believe mentoring is an important component for sustained career success. We have a unique mentoring programme which we use in the Eva Connections community but also within our team. You will we paired with a mentor on day 1, to not only help you settle in, but guide you along your journey as a Eva Connections team member.

This position would suit you if you are currently an independent recruiter working for yourself however you are looking to be part of a growing brand and still operate independently, or you are working for a recruitment company but want to branch out on your own but also have the support of a growing brand with a real mission to make a difference to the world of work.